Arabic Engagements

Arabic engagements videographer in Calgary.

We shoot both engagements and weddings for Arabic cultures including lebanese, palestenian, iraqi, irani, sudani, somali, iraqi and other cultures. We use the latest digital technology to deliver DVD, Blu-Ray, digital files or online uploads as per your needs.

Engagements vary in shooting times. Please contact us for pricing.

*Make sure to check out the video below in HD.

We have standard packages but we can also customize a video package as per your needs. It is your special day be it the beginning of the journey in an engagement or a bigger journey during your wedding. Nonetheless, they are precious and special moments to preserve in the best video format possible.

At zoom video film, we take the customer’s input and produce as much as we can as per their needs. We shoot high quality HD on broadcast quality cameras. We have been producing video for over 17 years and rest assured that we will do our best to make you happy.

Some clients hire us for the entire evening for engagements, others hire us for specific times. Please check with us for availability.

A sincere congratulations from us to you on your special day.